About jada

I’m Jada!

I help women of faith heal from their past to obtain and maintain a Happily Ever After!

I’ve been on both ends of the spectrum, the brokenness and now, the wholeness (Happily Engaged!! Yasss, Sis!). I know the importance of healing to not sabotage and I know what it takes to maintain wholeness and a healthy relationship. So…

Are you feeling like you lost your identity while trying to love someone else?
Are you ready to heal from the break-up and love again (the RIGHT way)?
Are you ready to finally be done with that ex and stop running back to comfort?
Are you tired of the same ol’ love story? Finding yourself in situationships with no commitment?
Are you ready to obtain and maintain the relationship you’ve been praying for?

If you answered yes to any of the above, you’re my ideal client and we have some work to do! We’re going from Brokenness to Wholeness!

Relationship Coach 
From Brokenness to Wholeness

“If you feel like you have to change him, then he is NOT the man God has for you.” - Jada Sharise

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"Brokenness That Made Me Whole"

In this poetry meets storytelling book, I take you through 3 different stages of love that I went through: Losing Myself, Finding Myself, and Choosing Love Again.

This book is for women who have been hurt but want to love again. For women wanting to break the cycle of convenience and comfort with that ex, for the woman who needs encouragement during her single stage and for the woman who needs strength to walk away from someone who should actually be in her past.

Order your signed copy!

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"the podcast"

MTTS The Podcast was created to serve as a platform for men and women to share their story of overcoming. You never know what life you can change or save by telling your story!

Moore To The Story
"The Blog"

MTTS The Blog was created to inspire and encourage women in life and love while emphasizing the importance of healing and healthy relationships.

Jada Services, Inc.

 I help women of faith heal from their past relationships and the happy woman maintain a happily ever after through coaching. Consider me your go-to for Life & Relationship Tips from both ends of the spectrum: from broken and healed to maintaining happiness & wholeness.