Brokenness That Made Me Whole Book




Sometimes you have to get lost to truly find yourself. Sometimes we have to go down the wrong paths to learn that we should never go that way again. I’ve been broken, multiple times, but the lessons learned and the wisdom gained outweighed all the bad that occurred along the way.

My experiences run the gamut of lies and deceit to infidelity and betrayal, from being open and vulnerable to being determined and resolute, from being intense and passionate to being lonely and disassociated. In this book, I share all the ugly stories of my yesterday that created my beautiful today.

These poems are for all the women who are currently with someone who should actually be in her past. These writings are for the women who came to the point to finally let go. These poems are written to provide inspiration, encouragement and to empower women in the state of “single womanhood,”  and to never be ashamed about it. These words provide healing from the memories of the ex who still hides in the recesses of your mind. These poems are for you, the woman who wants to heal and love again from the pain of shattered emotions and relationships, basking in the light of a peaceful heart and mind.

I share with you, brokenness that made me whole.