Posted by Jada Sharise on  January 26, 2017
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 We can be so selfish when it comes to our emotions.. We don’t want that position, that commitment or to play that role, but yet we want that “feeling” that person gives us. That consistency, that happiness, that time. But how selfish is that to protect our feelings while allowing that other person to pour their feelings out…with no filter? If it’s clear they want something you don’t want, don’t wast their time. Don’t keep

Just As Bad As He Was

Posted by Jada Sharise on  November 13, 2016
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Yes, I knew about you, but you knew about me first. You were a secret, I wasn’t.. the first time around that is, seeing as though you and I have had a few encounters. When I first found out about you, I told you our history. Some people just can’t compete with history.. So you’ve learned.  He cheated on you and you stayed. I knew I didn’t want commitment so I didn’t care about the

No Filter

Posted by Jada Sharise on  November 2, 2016
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So how about we pray together, go to church, but still be humans and have fun? How about we don’t text but talk on the phone? How about we go somewhere we both never been? How about we say EXACTLY how we feel? Like..Let’s laugh and laugh even harder because we don’t know what’s funny. Let’s meet at a book store and just expand our knowledge. Or we can not plan stuff and just go

Greater Is Coming

Posted by Jada Sharise on  October 16, 2016
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I’m so glad that God paused my life and took me through things. Held me there until He knew I was ready to grow. Until He knew I had learned my lesson and was ready to move forward and blossom into the person He’s preparing me to be.  I took time to myself to really understand who I was. Two years and some change to be exact and still counting..  I needed time to understand

Time I Can’t Get Back

Posted by Jada Sharise on  September 25, 2016
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8 years of my life I can’t get back. Am I mad about it? Nah. At the time I did everything with my heart, out of love. It was genuine and sincere.  I don’t even want that time back. It meant something then. I’m too far ahead and at peace with my life to have regrets.  I just wish we would’ve stayed broken up the times we did break up. We kept getting back together

Competing With Your Partner

Posted by Jada Sharise on  August 31, 2016
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It’s jealousy, envious and not supporting each other. Why am I always praising your accomplishments but I can’t get a word of encouragement from you? But yet we say “I love you” everyday we leave the house. I’m starting to feel like deep down its a little bit of hate inside. I go above and beyond for you. I make sure I support everything you do. But the minute I do something for myself, you’re

Be You

Posted by Jada Sharise on  August 31, 2016
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I think a lot of people get lost in the idea that someone is going through a phase and their  mind will change when it comes to their emotions in a relationship. When someone lets you know “what it is”, take heed and realize that’s exactly what it is. Don’t stick around thinking oh maybe it’s just a phase, they’ll change their mind. You’ll get hurt in the end with that mindset because they let

I Built Your Resume

Posted by Jada Sharise on  August 22, 2016
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You spend so much time and energy dedicating all of you to a man. For whatever reason, there’s no more trying left. There’s no more communicating, it’s just done. Over with. For a while I was afraid to leave someone that I knew wasn’t for me. It wasn’t about starting over with someone else and it wasn’t about figuring out how to move on. It was simply, I helped you with your resume. I built

Why I’m Here

Posted by Jada Sharise on  August 21, 2016
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I’ve always been outgoing and creative. I used to battle rap guys five years older than me when I was in the 3rd grade..writing my own lyrics and winning at that! I was obsessed with having a journal so that I could write. I felt like all little girls had a journal or diary so I was trying to fit in of course, but I actually used it. I’ve always had a thing for writing.


Posted by Jada Sharise on  August 21, 2016
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When people post a status on Facebook asking for advice on situations, more than likely I instantly message them. When I notice something is wrong with somebody, I ask what’s wrong and if they want to talk. When I see my friends, first thing I say is “Girl you got some tea??” as in gossip. I call my mom sometimes on Fridays like “It’s the end of the week! I know you got some tea??”