Posted by Jada Sharise on  March 12, 2019
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Before we go any further, check out EPISODE 2 of my podcast!! Subject is “BECOMING”. Full of details about my book, encouragement, a Word, operating fully in faith, multiple streams of income and walking in your purpose! You can listen on SoundCloud at …My first BOOK is published!!! I am now a published AUTHOR! I don’t tell myself this enough, but I’m proud of myself. When I was working full time, I wished I

I Always Choose The Wrong Guys

Posted by Jada Sharise on  July 21, 2018
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For those who are on the fence.. in love but fighting it.. wondering if you’re friend zoning the wrong person.. have someone with all of the ideal traits you desire but something is holding you back.. fighting with his/her past silently.. judging a book by its cover but then later wondering what it could or could’ve been.. Just to find yourself in the same situationships based on the familiar, convenience and comfort..but getting no where?

Prayer, Preparation, Progress

Posted by Jada Sharise on  May 15, 2018
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Sometimes you’re called on assignments by God and you think you’re not qualified. But listen to this. This earth is His, you are His child. There is nothing you can’t do, there is nothing you’re not qualified for, there is nothing you can’t have! Faith takes us where eyes have not seen and ears have not heard. Where is your faith?  I read this quote from Oprah that says, “You get out of life what


Posted by Jada Sharise on  April 24, 2018
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It wasn’t the way he touched me, it was the way he talked to me. It was the way that he looked at me, wanting to connect with me mentally. It was the questions he asked me in return the time he put in studying me, willing to learn. It was him repeating what I said to get a better understanding and to clarify. It was the effort he made to get my attention even


Posted by Jada Sharise on  March 26, 2018
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No you can’t make sure I’m good or check in. Because old habits continue, the cycle gets repeated and I get thrown off thinking it’s you that I’m needing. Thinking what we had was long lasting but it was only convenience. “It’s no bad blood, I’m still close with his family.” Nope. Having them at arms reach means your ex is too.  Telling people, “We got history, I don’t want him. We just cool.” Looking

I Wish Somebody Would’ve Told Me

Posted by Jada Sharise on  January 17, 2018
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I wish somebody would’ve told me..  Go to that out of state college. That starting at a junior college isn’t a bad idea.  That even after college, you still don’t know what’s next.  That chances are, you won’t work in the field you studied.  That being an adult doesn’t come with a how to book.  That some things you don’t heal from, it just gets easier to deal with.  That you have to make mistakes


Posted by Jada Sharise on  January 9, 2018
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My feet were planted because I planted that seed. I deserved the goodness of what I was sowing.  So I thought..  I watered it. I watched it grow. I watched it blossom. But in doing so, I watched it blossom into something that was no longer for my good.  Realizing that sometimes people and relationships have an expiration date, something I had to get understood.  You take what you need to grow and you give


Posted by Jada Sharise on  January 1, 2018
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If you’ve created a timeline for your life.. erase it. Delete it. It’s inaccurate. If you’ve created this ideal relationship or partner, let it go. Do yourself a favor and stop planning.. let it come to you. Those goals though, go get em! Here’s what I mean… 2017 showed me that no matter how much you plan, it’s already done. God is in control and your story is already written. Every experience, every setback, every

Submitting To God

Posted by Jada Sharise on  October 12, 2017
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I decided to put the pen down. I decided to follow the story that was written and stop trying to write my own. I was told I was stuck in my own ways and my own desires that God couldn’t use me. I was told He wanted to do something with my life but I have to give some things up. That right there was confirmation. I had been praying more. I had been seeking

Lack of Discernment

Posted by Jada Sharise on  September 28, 2017
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Here she was judging him from the clothes he wore, the jewelry he wore and his shoulder length dreads. A slight loss of interest because he had a kid and she had just ended a messy situation like that.. There she was.. Judging her present based off her past. She was satisfied with a simple hi and bye with him. Then she learned his name.. And eventually she learned he wasn’t the same. The conversations