Signs #5 – #10 That You’re The Problem In Your Relationship

Posted by Jada Sharise on  March 1, 2021
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Last week I started the “Are YOU the problem in your relationship??” series. In case you missed it, red flags 1-4 were: Carrying your past into your current relationshipAlways being the talker and never the listenerIt’s ok when you do it, but it’s not ok when he does itYou’re always negative when he brings up a new idea This week, we’re getting into red flags 5-10! Red Flag #5: You’re never receptive to constructive criticism

Are YOU the problem in your relationship??

Posted by Jada Sharise on  February 22, 2021
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You know I’m always on your side girl, but right is right and wrong is wrong ? I know it’s easier to point the finger outward rather than inward, but we have to check ourselves too! That’s actually really healthy for your relationship – righting your wrongs and owning up to your faults. Check out the red flags below and ways you can avoid being “the problem”. Red flag #1: Carrying your past into your

Green Flags When Dating

Posted by Jada Sharise on  February 15, 2021
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I hope your Valentine’s Day was amazinggg with your loved one! And if you’re single, I commend you for choosing happiness and doing what was best for you. I hope you did some loving on yourself and enjoyed the day anyway (keep reading, I have some tips for the single ladies!). Let’s keep the love going…  We often talk about the red flags (which for whatever reason, we ignore 97% of the time anyway). But
I prayed my way out of a relationship and then I prayed for the love story I have today. I didn’t ask God for a man with a fancy car, a high salary, or a certain height and complexion. I didn’t ask God for any worldly things when I prayed for my Husband. I wanted peace, security, trust, joy, and happiness. I wanted to grow with someone in Christ. I wanted to receive the love

Staying on Task

Posted by Jada Sharise on  November 8, 2020
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So! Yesterday I did a thing. I feel like every day my to-do list gets longer and longer with all of my creative ideas, things I need to research, a dope quote I just thought about and before I know it, nothing is crossed off my to-do list. I woke up and said “enough with the planning, it’s time for execution and results”.I decided to try something new and become more organized and structured with

Table For One…

Posted by Jada Sharise on  October 20, 2020
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Whew! Working from home had its perks until e-learning started. Since life has shifted and forcing us all to adjust, everyday, I’m the math teacher, language teacher, Assistant to the President, Project Manager and the CEO. On top of being a Wife and Mom! I feel like I’ve been keeping it together oh but honey, I basically RAN out the house when Hubby got home today.  I drove 7 mins up the street to a

COVID-19 & New Things

Posted by Jada Sharise on  July 12, 2020
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First off, I can’t even believe it’s the season finale of season 2… already?! My podcast is like a child I’ve watched grow – so quickly. I truly couldn’t have done this 1. Without Baby – I had an idea to start a podcast and one day I came home to podcast equipment – all set up for me. So thank you, My Love! 2. Where would I be without y’all?! As creatives, it’s kind

Unplug, Reset, Recharge

Posted by Jada Sharise on  May 3, 2020
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Hey Moore To The Story supporters,  I hope this message finds you well on this Sunday!  I wanted to first THANK YOU for your continued support. Honestly, I’ve been a little out of sync with my email list and amazing subscribers but I’m here now!! (Please charge it to my head, not my heart). So, get ready for check-ins, newsletters and so much Moore!  I’m feeling AMAZINGGG today. As I type this, I’m listening to

20K Increase and One Month Before That

Posted by Jada Sharise on  November 22, 2019
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I know, I know. The last time we spoke, I was going on and on about how the company closed, how I was so happy to not work a 9-5, how I turned down job offers but honey listen… those tables turn!  I went from loving my freedom to looking at my bills like ok God, I need some consistent income. Freelancing and the few side hustles I have can’t possibly keep up with the

Last Week, I Got Laid

Posted by Jada Sharise on  July 28, 2019
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Laid off, that is… Just when I thought things were taking off, smh. I quit my job working for the radio back in December of 2018 and this is when my testimony started. I’m used to ALWAYS having a job or finding another one quickly but I was unemployed for four months. Regardless, I never missed a payment. I even managed to write, publish and release my first book, Brokenness That Made Me Whole, all