jada's Story

Jada Sharise Moore is a Chicago native and an alumna of DePaul University where she studied Communication & Media. She began her writing career in 2016, a year after graduating and realizing she wanted to take a slightly different path than news reporting. She created her blog, Moore To The Story, where she inspire and uplift singles and broken women based on her relationship experience. She is proud to announce that she has reached over 5,000 readers! Three months after starting her blog, she became a published writer with digital magazine, Thought Catalog.

3 years later, Jada wrote her first book, Brokenness That Made Me Whole, taking readers through three stages of love that she went through: losing herself, finding herself and choosing to love again. After releasing her book in March of 2019, she realized that her story encouraged other men and women to tell their story of brokenness, in a variety of ways.

Jada then created Moore To The Story, The Podcast & Show, which she independently coordinates, edits and produces. MTTS, The Podcast was created for those who are ready to tell their story of brokenness to inspire and encourage the next man or woman that they too, can overcome. To date, guests have shared their stories of overcoming adversity, adoption, abuse, toxic relationships, divorce and suicidal thoughts.

After reading Jada’s book, so many women reached out to her and said “girl, we need to talk!” In September of 2019, she created and hosted her very first event, Brokenness That Made Me Whole: Girl Talk: a healing circle for women, a safe space and an environment of truth. This was created to help women get through it, to successfully overcome it, whatever IT is. To speak about the things we are going through or been through, that either broke us or helped us become whole.

In April of 2020, Jada finally said YES to God’s calling over her life. No more operating in fear, only Faith! She took what she was gifted to do and what she did on a daily basis for family and friends, and started her consultant business: Jada Services, Inc. A focus of Healing & Wholeness, created for the woman who’s ready to change her mind and her life! Learn more about Jada Services, Inc. by clicking the button below!

Outside of her 9-5, assisting the President of a nonprofit, Jada is a freelance writer, editor and blogger for businesses. She is also a part of an anthology (100 Words of Inspiration) that was released in November 2019 where she contributed 100 Words. In addition, Jada is working on Season 3 of her hit Podcast & Show, Moore To The Story, where she has reached over 3,400 downloads in just one year.

Some of Jada’s career highlights include:

* Co-Host for The A C Green Show, 106.3FM Chicago’s R&B & 102.3AM Rejoice

* Featured Guest on Andre Renee’s Creative Café 102.3 Rejoice, FocusTalk with Dennis Snipe, Truth Radio with Harold Davis, Prayze Café Radio with Ed Crosby

* Guest Speaker for The Millennial Literary and Entrepreneur’s Forum

* Actress with No Shade Ensemble, a Nonprofit Organization

"A Queen is not a Queen because she is felt...
But a Queen, is a Queen, because failure cannot stop her!"