"You are worthy of a healthy relationship and you deserve to be loved to the highest capacity."
- Jada Sharise

jada's Story

I’m Jada.

The creator of Moore To The Story, a platform geared towards showcasing your brokenness to wholeness as a masterpiece and not a mess. I’m known most for my transformational love story, my book Brokenness That Made Me Whole and my podcast, Moore To The Story, The Podcast.

I’ve experienced both ends of the spectrum – the brokenness and the wholeness. Before I met my husband-to-be, my past was filled with lies, cheating and sex while my present is filled with GOD, blessings, love, honesty, a healthy relationship, and a ring!

Through healing and seeking God first, I learned how to redefine my self-concept, increase my self-worth, and figured out how to reframe my pain into purpose. This total transformation enabled me to meet (and soon marry) the man of my prayers.

The tools I give many women today are the same tools I used to change my mind and change my life. I can’t wait to help you do the same!

 Allow me to guide you to your happily ever after.

What Clients Are Saying


Jada is the…

   * Owner & CEO of Jada Services, Inc. (Relationship Coach, Learn More Here)

   * Creator of Moore To The Story, The Blog

   * Creator of Moore To The Story, The Podcast & Show

   * Author of Brokenness That Made Me Whole and The Break-Up Bible

   * Host of Brokenness That Made Me Whole: Girl Talk

   * Founder of Billionaire In Progress Clothing (Shop Here)

Jada is also a Published writer with digital magazine, Thought Catalog, as well as a Freelance Writer, Editor & Blogger for businesses.

There’s always Moore To The Story…

Some of Jada’s career highlights include:

* Co-Host for The A C Green Show, 106.3FM Chicago’s R&B & 102.3AM Rejoice

* Featured Guest on Andre Renee’s Creative Café 102.3 Rejoice, FocusTalk with Dennis Snipe, Truth Radio with Harold Davis, Prayze Café Radio with Ed Crosby

* Guest Speaker for The Millennial Literary and Entrepreneur’s Forum

* Actress with No Shade Ensemble, a Nonprofit Organization