Pray for what you need in a relationship, not what you want.

I prayed my way out of a relationship and then I prayed for the love story I have today.

I didn’t ask God for a man with a fancy car, a high salary, or a certain height and complexion. I didn’t ask God for any worldly things when I prayed for my Husband. I wanted peace, security, trust, joy, and happiness. I wanted to grow with someone in Christ. I wanted to receive the love I gave and I wanted to be loved at the highest capacity. As bad as I didn’t want to date someone with kids because of one bad experience, I STILL didn’t pray for a man who didn’t have kids. I had enough of choosing “my type” and trying to write my own story. It wasn’t until I started walking with God, that I learned to rest in Him and allow His will to be done.

I knew I had work to do and I was just starting to walk in my healing journey. I wanted to continue to be in God’s presence, develop and grow into what I was praying for. I didn’t want to sabotage what God had for me simply because I didn’t take the time to heal and love on myself.

So, what did I pray for?

I prayed for character, not materialistic things or appearance. I prayed for everything I needed. I asked God to bless me with a man who was: For me. Who was loving, honest and faithful. Who would love me, cherish me and honor me.” At the end of every prayer, I would ask God: Please bless me with him when he’s READY, whomever he is, and when I’m READY.”

What we’re not gonna do is pray for what somebody else has. My needs may be different from yours, so don’t start praying my prayer Sis (Lol, jk. Kinda…). But seriously, ask God to bless YOU and YOUR love life. Think about what your heart needs, what your soul, and spirit needs. He/she may not check all of the check boxes you’ve created, but trust your creator. His thoughts are not your thoughts, neither is His ways. God may add a few layers and “other” check boxes – but everything will be for your good. Surrender to your desires and make room for God to show up and show out in your life. He knows exactly what you need before you ask for it. My prayers were answered, way more than I could ask or think! I spent time with God first and I allowed him to prepare me and put my heart back together.

For the woman who’s single and tired of waiting,this quote is for you: “You may not like being single, but God needs your attention in this season. Let God mold, develop, and prepare you before He gives you to someone.”

With Love – 

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