Green Flags When Dating

I hope your Valentine’s Day was amazinggg with your loved one! And if you’re single, I commend you for choosing happiness and doing what was best for you. I hope you did some loving on yourself and enjoyed the day anyway (keep reading, I have some tips for the single ladies!).

Let’s keep the love going… 

We often talk about the red flags (which for whatever reason, we ignore 97% of the time anyway). But let’s get into the green flags when dating!

  1. He’s clear about what he wants in life and in a relationship 
  2. You share the same beliefs 
  3. He’s consistent 
  4. He makes time for you 
  5. He touches you without touching you

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  1. The conversations are endless 
  2. When speaking about his past, he’s respectful and not bashing his ex 
  3. He’s generous to not just you, but anyone he comes in contact with 
  4. He’s a great communicator 
  5. He cares about you – your entire well-being
  6. He’s a man of his word
  7. He has morals and values 
  8. He’s a man with a plan 
  9. He apologizes when he’s wrong
  10. He wants to know everything about you (not in a creepy way) 
  11. Bonus: He feeds you whenever you’re hungry

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