Staying on Task

So! Yesterday I did a thing. I feel like every day my to-do list gets longer and longer with all of my creative ideas, things I need to research, a dope quote I just thought about and before I know it, nothing is crossed off my to-do list. I woke up and said “enough with the planning, it’s time for execution and results”.

I decided to try something new and become more organized and structured with my day (any Moms out there that need this info too??). I wrote 7 things down on my to-do list and beside each of the items, were the time frames I had to complete the task. I simply set an alarm titled “End Task”. Example:

  • Content Creation 12:30pm-2:30pm (alarm set for 2:30pm as End Task)

I am NOT allowed to go over that time because that pushes everything else back on my to-do list and no matter where I am, I have to keep going if I want to be productive. I’ve noticed this has gotten me in trouble A LOT – leaving so many unchecked things on my to-do list because I spent 5 hours on one thing and boom, there’s the day. Discipline my friends, discipline.

It’s a blessing to have our creative juices flowing and the light bulb going off over and over but it can be overwhelming, chaotic and very unorganized. Something that helps me is writing in my notes in my phone. I literally created a folder titled “brain dump” in my notes. So, when something amazing pops up in my head, I write it there and revisit it another time. This allows me to stay focused on the task at hand.

Back to the to-do list and alarms! Y’all. It was the most productive I had been and I was so proud to actually get things done and have some kind of structure. Things I’ve been “planning” to do for months, were done in hours, because I dedicated specific time for it. Remember in high school when the bell rung and it was time to head to the next class?? That’s how it felt for me lol packing up and moving on to the next subject at the sound of the alarm.

Don’t forget to rest! In between each task, I give myself a 30-45 min break, depending on how much time I spent on the prior task. It’s important to let your brain rest, breathe and move around throughout the house. Another tip I would suggest is having some kind of snack and drink nearby. That helps me stay focused and not wonder off into the snack cabinet when I get an urge from something. Having it right next to me in my work space keeps me grounded and working. Again…discipline my friends, discipline!

I find this to be helpful for any busy person: Mom, Entrepreneur, Wife, etc. I hope this helps you the next time you take out your to-do list. Discipline and consistency is key!

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Until next time, there’s always Moore To The Story.

With Love,