Table For One…

Whew! Working from home had its perks until e-learning started. Since life has shifted and forcing us all to adjust, everyday, I’m the math teacher, language teacher, Assistant to the President, Project Manager and the CEO. On top of being a Wife and Mom! I feel like I’ve been keeping it together oh but honey, I basically RAN out the house when Hubby got home today. 

I drove 7 mins up the street to a nice low key restaurant I’ve been to once with a girlfriend, and knew it would be the perfect hour and a half get away! I asked for a “low key table” in a corner for one. The ambiance here is mellow, dark lighting and the perfect “I needed this” kind of vibe. 

I told Hubby I made it and I would let him know when I’m headed home. It’s ME time!!! 

As I write this blog, I’m sipping on a “Creole Voodoo Zombie” and enjoying my Catfish and Baked Mac N Cheese. Wearing the most comfortable leggings and hoodie – do you hear me when I say it’s lit?! 

As women, we wear SO many different hats. We are literally hero’s – balancing 25 things, keeping ourselves up and making sure everything is going right. The least we can do for ourselves, is make time. It’s so important that we find time(s), heavy on the plural, throughout the day to just breathe. To not think, to not cross something off our to do list. To just be alone and feel. 

We can’t run on an empty cup. The more you pour out, the more you have to pour back into you. As busy am I am, I still find time for me. Here’s a few things I do to keep me balanced: 

  1. I created a morning routine, making sure I have at least one hour of uninterrupted time to myself.
  2. I am COMMITTED to water with lemon and a cup of “Black Tea, Lemon Lift”.
  3. I wake up before the house. Anywhere between 5:30am and 6am for prayer and devotion then I work out. 
  4. I am COMMITTED to a one hour break throughout my 9-5 workday.
  5. I plan my Project Manager (side hustle) calls towards the end of my day, allowing me time to work on other things (… my 9-5 lol).
  6. I make sure I cook enough for at least two days, a combination of lunch and dinner. 
  7. I put my work (my 9-5) planner AWAY, out of sight so that its out of mind! I had to teach myself: Leave some work for tomorrow, everything doesn’t have to be done today. (I’m such a hard worker that I have to create boundaries). 
  8. I try REALLY hard to have all of my work and content done by the time Hubby gets home, allowing me to be available to him after a long day. 
  9. I put my phone on do not disturb if I’m REALLY trying to focus and not pick up my phone at all. 
  10. I play “Chilled Jazz Instrumentals” – it’s such a vibe! 
  11. I try to schedule all of my social media content (2 weeks in advance) on Sunday afternoons. 
  12. I set boundaries. I leave my phone in the room where I can’t see it, I don’t respond to work emails after 5:30pm and I’m a strong believer in not having your work email notifications on your phone. 

I’m still learning as I go, but these things have definitely made a huge difference in a short 3 weeks! Send me a message via Instagram @jadasharise and let me know what you thought of this blog. I would love to hear your routine and any tips and tricks you would like to suggest. 

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Until next time, because there’s always Moore To The Story.