COVID-19 & New Things

First off, I can’t even believe it’s the season finale of season 2… already?! My podcast is like a child I’ve watched grow – so quickly. I truly couldn’t have done this 1. Without Baby – I had an idea to start a podcast and one day I came home to podcast equipment – all set up for me. So thank you, My Love! 2. Where would I be without y’all?! As creatives, it’s kind of only one goal – to be seen/heard. We create content for our desired audience – and there’s no better feeling to know that you have a wave of people faithfully tuning in and supporting you. So THANK YOU, to all of you!

In this episode, I wanted to talk about how much has changed within the last 3 months due to Auntie Rona. We got into the month of March and stuff got real – real fast. I’m still praying for those who’s been negatively impacted by the virus and I want to come off as humbly as possible when I say God has been showing up and showing out during this season. I know I’m not the only one because I’ve seen major wins and blessings for friends and family. But who would’ve thought so many good things would come during a time like this?!? I’m so grateful because the story could be different. This could’ve been the worse time of my life but it hasn’t. Y’all know I have a story for everything but I’m gonna save our testimonies for book #2 – yesss book 2 and 3 are in the making!! I’m also working on an e-book J

Ok so let’s get into COVID-19 & New Things! 

#1 – Let’s talk about work because this is NOT the vision I had for working from home. I thought I was gonna be chilling, working from home, not much to do – just living my best life…a lie. This is the most I’ve EVER worked. Before I started in October of last year, they would also say we work really hard here, chile they wasn’t lying. That right there was one of the reasons why I tried to run from this job. I was literally making $25 an hour, doing NOTHING for 8 hours. But they (my current job) were so persistent after my interview and God told me like this: “Don’t run from growth. You can’t grow where you’re comfortable”. So – here we are – 9 months later. I thank GODDD for this company and the position I have. 1. I’m making $20k more, a blessing. 2. It’s a nonprofit, mission driven company and I love the work we do. 3. During COVID, more than 50 people were laid off – and I’m still employed, a blessing! So imagine if I was still working that temp job, doing nothing, making $25 an hour – I would’ve definitely been laid off! BUT GOD. I prayed so hard and was intentional while looking for a permanent position. I went to interview after interview and trusted God enough to know that He had more for me. So I kindly turned down a number of offers and I was firm with the salary I wanted. The job I have now? They offered me more than what I asked for. That’s how God works! Able to do exceedingly abundantly, above all that we ask or think. Super grateful for that and I hope that short story encouraged you. Pray, know your worth (even when it comes to work), say no when you need to and don’t run from growth. 

Speaking of working from home – Oh my gawd. I’ve learned so much about me, balance, what helps me be productive, that I work too much and how busy I am. 

Fun Fact: Of course we’re usually at work and Cameron’s at school so being home allll day together has taught us new things to say the least. Males are just different, ok. All quarantine, this is me: Push your chair in, turn the water off all the way, close the fridge, throw that away, pick this up, don’t forget to xyz. So one day I was headed out and decided it was time for some payback. 

I took plates, bowls and a pair of scissors and sat them on the floor. I opened the fridge. I pulled a chair out. I opened the cabinets. I sat snacks on the floor and left the house for an appointment. Do you know they had the nervessss to call my phone and call me out on the stuff they do almost every day?!? They couldn’t believe it! In their opinion I went too far. I politely told them, welcome to my world J

But other than that, we needed this time as a family. Our bond/relationships are stronger. Cameron and I are where I always prayed for us to be. Baby and I haven’t drove each other too crazy, his opinion may be different but hey…jk…kinda. We carve out time for family walks around the neighborhood, Cameron’s living his best life with Fortnite. Baby can be found in his own world working out or playing the game. I even brought him a nice gaming chair – recliner chair, massage built it, it’s lit. 

We also got our first family pet – a fish! Cameron changed his name 3 times so I’m not sure of his legal name, I just call him blue. I always thought fish were boring but they actually have some personality! We’re still learning how to take care of him because chile we almost lost him twice. One, our entertainment system basically came crashing down and so did the pour fish. He fell out of his tank, skin started to change, but GOD! We nursed him back to health and he’s still here. One night we came home and he was having trouble breathing, (it’s crazy that I’m telling this story as if it’s a human being lol), but we noticed he was on the struggle bus. We needed to clean the tank! At 2am here we are, nursing him back to health…again. It’s funny how you grow attached to your pets, even a fish.

So! I’ve created this schedule for myself – where I dedicate my time to God when I wake up – reading my bible plan, reading my daily devotion book and studying my index cards. Yes, I made index cards because I’m trying be a bible scholar y’all! I’m working on knowing every book in the Bible and a short summary of what each book is about. Before COVID, I can honestly but sadly say, I was fitting God into my schedule when I should’ve been fitting my schedule around God. Make room for God, make time for God. Don’t rush it. Baby I and have weekly bible study, I turn on YouTube, grab my tissue and have church with cousin Sarah Jakes. I’m so happy with my spiritual growth but I still have work to do. I also pick a few days out the week where I wake up at 5:30/6am to work on my brand and my new business. Yassss, new business! Jada Services Inc is officially registered in IL and I’m crossing all of T’s and dotting all of my I’s before I launch. Stay tuned for my new services I’ll be offering, new books, merchandise and Moore! Who knew a virus would set some fire under me to FINALLY get all of this going?! Note to self: you can be scared, just start, and do it scared. 

3 weeks ago, I took a pray-cation. I booked a hotel room for 5 nights and it was just me and God. There were some things that *I* needed to work on with God. I truly believe that regardless if you’re in a relationship/married, you also need that *individual* time with God to enhance your relationship/marriage, to produce new fruit, to pour from a new cup – making your relationship/marriage even better, when together. 

I could’ve did this at home but I wanted to remove myself from my everyday life and duties at home. Sometimes it just needs to be YOU and GOD. I cried (a lot), I fasted every day, I prayed, I worshipped, I went out and had dinner alone every night, I studied the Bible, myself and my relationship – y’all don’t even know how critical it is to study your significant other, whew! I wrote down almost everything about him, what he likes, what he doesn’t like, what makes him happy, what makes him sad, his dreams, his childhood, his favorite food, literally everything about him and I read over it daily. It helps me speak his love language and that’s important to me. 

Let’s get into this freshman 15 honey! Ok I haven’t gained any where near 15 pounds but y’all know when the world went to the stores and brought everything up, everybody ate their survival snacks within week 1 and 2. I had to lay off on the snacks y’all. I just stopped buying them because if you see them it’s tempting, I stopped buying them and started throwing stuff away. Now that I have more control and pretty much only snack on the weekend, I can buy them and wait until Friday to go in on the Reese’s and ice cream! 

We don’t eat beef and pork so I had to get reallll creative in the kitchen like do what we eat this week?! What do we eat for lunch? I’m used to cooking dinner only once every one gets back home but sheltering in place changed that. So yep, I’ve tried plenty of new meals but my favorite is cooking crab legs now! I just started making them during COVID and when I tell you my pan is fireee, it’s fire. 

Working out! Who knew all I needed was COVID to get inspired and motivated?! I’ve never worked out this much! I’ve never really had to either but times have changed y’all, times have changed. I try to work out 3–4 times a week (ok 2-3 times, whatever) and early morning is best for me. I’m not an evening workout kind of girl. If I don’t do it in the morning, I’m not doing it. My favorittttte Youtube fitness trainer is Johanna Soh. She’s amazing and I’m always dripping in sweat! Thing is, you can work out with no weights, jumping or running and still burn a good sweat! Like she’s THAT good. I use my sweet sweat gel and waist trainer and get it innn. 

Omg! I can’t forget to tell y’all about my new obsession with tea! Can’t live without it and I’m obsessed with the cute mugs now!! So here’s the tea (get it?). I’m not picky when it comes to the brand but here’s what I drink, everyday: 

Black Tea with a lemon lift in the mornings.

Turmeric/Ginger Green Tea in the afternoon (GREAT for your health). 

Black Tea again, later in the afternoon if I need a pick me up. 

Detox Tea (Original or Peach) in the evening to clear out that stomach sis! 

Throat Coat Tea if I want a soothing taste (love the flavor). 

So yep, that’s the tea! 

Back in April, I was visiting different churches, trying to see if we wanted a new church home. In doing so, I said you know what, God I’m just gonna put my tithing money into my savings account and when we find a new church home, I’ll tithe it all. Went about my business, did that for about a month and God told me to *release, in order to receive*. Release the money you’ve been saving in order to receive. So, that next Sunday, I went to church and tithed my hundreds of dollars. When. I. Tell. You. Not even two weeks later, an old business partner of mine reached out and said she couldn’t find anybody to do the job/partner with her and even though I’m working full-time would I be interested? I said sure – I’m always down for multiple streams of income. So, she said the contract would start in April, I would be Chief Editor & Writer, making about $600 a month. Do y’all see how God works?! Obedience is key!!! Hearing God’s voice and moving, is key!! I was told an extra $600 month and I’m really making about $1600. I am NOT boasting about me and my income but GOD & OBEDIENCE.

For a while, God has been calling me on this very specific assignment. Actually since releasing my book and I’ve been hesitant. I’ve lacked confidence in it because it’s like God, you chose me?! Like, are you SURE this is what you want me to do? Shouldn’t I have a degree in this or a certification but y’all, the God we serve, if He’s called you, He’s already equipped you. We have to get out of the habit of disqualifying ourselves. One small yes, will take you so far. Doors will be opened and people will be placed around you to help you produce what God has called you to do. I’m a witness. So, I said yes and I can’t wait to reveal everything to you!! I also had to ask God to forgive me for stalling, for lacking confidence, for not trusting Him, and for operating in fear and not in Faith. 

I was praying, asking God for clarity, confirmation and confidence. Someone reached out to me on Instagram from South Africa. Did y’all hear me? Africa!!! He said my name came across their media table and they wanted to interview me. God said you need some clarity? Confidence? Say less. Look what I can do. I have your name in another country. A country you haven’t stepped foot into just yet. Your name was placed at a table that you haven’t even heard about, didn’t know about – in another country!! I know God is like what more confirmation and clarity do you need?! 

Then, before that, I was googling my book and without me even knowing, my book is now available online with Target and Walmart. Target y’all. Wally World, Walmart!! Like what?! My publishing company didn’t even know and mentioned how hard it is to get accepted in their book section. He had me check a few different authors he’s published but nope, I was the only one. I need to stop playing with God don’t I? And walk in my purpose with confidence because He is not letting up. He keeps blowing my mind! 

I know it probably sounds weird but I needed this quarantine. This has been such a peaceful time for me, to get back in touch with my spirit,  recollect and process my thoughts and emotions, slow down, spend time at home, create, and SAVE MONEY.

There’s so many stories I can share about God and the many blessings He’s given us within this short time frame but the REAL GOOD STUFF, the real tea, I’m saving for book #2! There’s always Moore. 

Thank you guys, for another great season of Moore To The Story. Thank you for your love and support. For always listening to my stories and the amazing guests I bring on. I couldn’t have done it without my guests so a HUGE thank you to all of you, for your bravery and having the courage to talk about your test and testimonies. 

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I pray that you were inspired, encouraged and motivated today. Until next time, because there’s always, Moore To The Story. 

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