Unplug, Reset, Recharge

Hey Moore To The Story supporters, 

I hope this message finds you well on this Sunday! 

I wanted to first THANK YOU for your continued support. Honestly, I’ve been a little out of sync with my email list and amazing subscribers but I’m here now!! (Please charge it to my head, not my heart). So, get ready for check-ins, newsletters and so much Moore! 

I’m feeling AMAZINGGG today. As I type this, I’m listening to “Thank You For Being God” by Travis Greene. I started my day with my daily devotion book and a sermon from Sarah Jakes, “Just Enough Faith” and when I tell you I was blessed?! I mean just that. I feel so refreshed and in a great place with God as well as my creativity. I encourage you to listen to Sis. Sarah before the week ahead. 

I spent a lot of time on social media doing nothing but flicking my finger and going down my timeline and honestly, looking at other influencer profiles hoping for the day where I have that kind of content and large following. I was also wondering when the next time I would be out of the country somewhere, living my best life, like everybody else.

Towards the end of December (2019) until February (2020), I went on a fast from social media. I felt like I was all over the place and I wasn’t hearing from God. What I mean by that is, God guides me, He leads me. He tells me EXACTLY what to do with my brand and what to write. He gives me topics and titles and He also tells me who to interview for my podcast. But, I hadn’t heard His voice in a while so I had to unplug, reset and recharge. 

I spent a lot of time on social media doing nothing but flicking my finger and going down my timeline and honestly, looking at other influencer profiles hoping for the day where I have that kind of content and following. As well as wondering when the next time I’ll be out of the country somewhere like everybody else. Social media can really get you in your feelings if you let it. Chile, I needed a break, to just shut down and spend my time focused on God and being more productive. 

After that fast, I was more disciplined and back in my routine with God. It was like everything was at a standstill until I reconnected with God. (Anybody grateful for a God who’s patient?? That will wait for us and loves us in spite of??) He gave me my entire list of people to interview for Season 2 of “Moore To The Story: The Podcast & Show”.  My podcast returned March 31, 2020 and I opened the season with my Mommy, “A Mother’s Love”!! It was so perfect! I didn’t know this was possible but I have a whole NEW love for my Mom. Like, I love her EVEN Moore. She literally gave us her best, her last and all of the love and protection she could. Still, to this day, she gives us everything she has to offer as a Mom and I’m so thankful for that. 

We are now on Episode 5 (Brokenness to Wholeness) and people are literally calling my podcast the newest “binge-listen”. And I can’t even describe that feeling. To know that people are binge listening to my podcast, going back to Season 1 and catching up on every episode?!? Because it’s THAT good?! I’m sooo grateful! Thennnn, I just so happened to google “Brokenness That Made Me Whole” and to my surprise, my book can be ordered through WALMART and TARGET!!! Y’all. What? Stop playing! I called my publishing company like umm did you know about this?? He said nope but it’s GREAT news because they only accept a few books and you’re the FIRST from our company. You know what… Nobody but God! 

Reminder: Don’t miss your blessings or overlook them because you’re busy watching someone else’s success. What’s for you is for YOU. Your time will come. Trust God and watch Him blow your mind! 

If you have a minute today or sometime this week (while working from home), check out my podcast! You can click here and choose which platform you prefer to listen on. My show can be found on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, SoundCloud, Youtube, GooglePlay and Moore! Don’t forget to subscribe and leave a review on Apple Podcasts! 

Before I go, I just want to encourage you to unplug, reset and recharge. Don’t let social media tell you what you should be doing during this quarantine. Maybe you do need to complete a project you started or maybe you need to spend more time with God. Whatever it is, do what works for you, what works for your peace and your well-being but before anything else, make room for God.

May is “National Mental Health” month – How will you take care of you? 

All the best, 

Jada #MooreToTheStory