20K Increase and One Month Before That

I know, I know. The last time we spoke, I was going on and on about how the company closed, how I was so happy to not work a 9-5, how I turned down job offers but honey listen… those tables turn! 

I went from loving my freedom to looking at my bills like ok God, I need some consistent income. Freelancing and the few side hustles I have can’t possibly keep up with the bills and the way I was living while working full-time. So, I started applying to every job I thought I was qualified for and went into my prayer closet. 

I asked God to bless me with a full-time job, I asked Him to bless me with OPTIONS, with multiple interviews so that I could choose wisely. I asked Him to guide me during this process to make the right decision. I asked for financial increase. But, I didn’t hear from Him. 

About a week later I started applying to even more jobs and the fact that nothing was taking off for me, I figured, well maybe this is what God has for me. Maybe I should just wait and stop applying. Maybe I should continue with the focus of being an entrepreneur. I had a few people promising me employment once something opened up, but nothing. Then, I started telling myself to be patient. One day I was driving and the job that was “guaranteed” to me, I randomly looked to my right and there it was. I can’t count how many times I drive down that street and NEVER noticed it so I thought FOR SURE that was God sending me a sign. I got excited and stayed patient. 

I’m getting there, y’all. 

Weeks later, still nothing but God told me, “stay the course!” I then applied for this job I REALLY wanted and I begged God for this opportunity. While in my prayer closet He finally responded and asked, “You really want this job?? Do you really want to work??” and I said “Yes, God!” 

That following week, I had call after call, email after email. Interview after interview! I had OPTIONS, which is exactly what I prayed for. So many options that I was tired and overwhelmed! 

In the midst of this, I turned down 3 offers. What person who has been begging God for a job, has the nerves to turn down opportunities? Me. Because although I really wanted a job, I wasn’t going to settle. I asked God for options but I also asked Him for guidance, for discernment and for wisdom. 

The job that I really wanted, it took foreverrr to get an interview scheduled (there’s a point I’m going to make later). Honestly, I went in with confidence because we had history and I kind of felt like I had the job based on that. I also asked someone to put a word in for me. But we must learn that we don’t need man for favors, we don’t need handouts. God will give us what we ask for, in a greater way, because His thoughts are not our thoughts. His ways are not our ways. He knows the plan He has for us. 

While waiting to hear back from the job I wanted, I continued on with my interviews and even picked up a 2nd option I was considering. I fell in love with their mission and I had a really great interview. But did I want to stay in the same industry just because I had the experience? No. I applied to jobs that matched my resume but realistically, I wanted to focus on Communication & Media. 

So, I hadn’t heard back from my very first choice of job I wanted because of their busy schedule. On the other hand, the second option was super persistent and moving quickly. After doing some thinking, I reached out and told them I was no longer interested and wanted to pursue a different industry. But chile, they were not taking no for an answer. They were floored after my interview, they wanted me on their team and they knew I would be a great fit. I declined TWICE to move forward with the process but God was telling me to pay attention while I was trying to pursue a different industry.

(This is the part when I elaborate on not settling and understanding what God has for you!)

They knew my worth. They seen the value I would add to the team and the organization as a whole. They worked around my schedule and they went around my no every time. I did more research, more praying, consulted with Mr. Lawrence and we both felt like there was a reason for this journey and their persistency. 

It was THAT job that made time for me and made me high priority (here’s the point I was making about job option 1 I wanted). It was THAT job that knew my worth from day one. It was THAT job that GOD had for me. I was set on what *I* wanted but that’s not what God had for me. 

I agreed to a final interview with the President of the organization and I truly enjoyed her presence, the conversation we had and how well the interview went. It was THIS job that I felt like would challenge me, that would push me to excellence, that would advance me in my career. It was THIS job that said we understand you want to focus on communications, let’s have you sit in on the communication team meetings. They were meeting me half way! 

All that to say, that same job I tried declining, was the best decision I could’ve made by accepting. I absolutely love where I work and the mission I am working towards every day. Everyday I’m learning something new and becoming better at my job. Everyday I’m being challenged and pushed to excellence. Not to mention, I asked for one thing and they came back with an EVEN HIGHER salary offer!! YES GOD! 

I then politely emailed the job I started out REALLY wanting, letting them know I accepted an offer. It had been 2 weeks before hearing back from them! It all worked out though and that wasn’t for me. 

I also emailed the person who interviewed me and pushed for me to understand the benefits of the role and the organization. I thanked her for seeing this as a great fit, even when I didn’t.

Yesterday made one month in my new role!!! 

I went from being unemployed the first 4 months of the year, to the company closing after 3 months of employment to a $20k increase. Prayer, prayer, prayer! 

Take away: I encourage you to stay the course, to know your worth, to be patient, to pray and wait for God. I encourage you to not be afraid to decline offers, to walk into interviews with confidence, to say no to the wrong opportunities – regardless of how bad you need a job.

Choose a job that will add value to you, a job that makes you feel wanted and needed. A job that picks you, too! 

Thanks for listening (reading)!! 

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