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…My first BOOK is published!!! I am now a published AUTHOR! I don’t tell myself this enough, but I’m proud of myself.

When I was working full time, I wished I had more time to build my brand, to pour into my blog and create more stories. God gave me 3 months of being unemployed and said now what you gon do with the time you asked for?

I’ve been off of payroll since quitting in December but shoutout to GOD, multiple streams of income, my boyfriend’s support and provider mentality. I managed to get my book published through an amazing company, my boyfriend surprised me with podcast equipment so I can now record at home with my OWN equipment, I haven’t been late on any bills and I haven’t needed for anything! With the time God gave me to build my brand, I was hands on with our hair business, MK Extensions, I created a podcast, I started and completed a book in 3 days and I’ve networked with sooo many people! I mean divine connections!

In December when I quit my job, I said I would like another full time job by January. That was my goal! God said not yet. In January, I said by February. In February, I said by March. Everything I applied for, God said no, BIGGER! I kept the faith, I kept praying, I kept applying and I kept pushing.. and God kept providing.

This past Tuesday, I accepted a job offer.

I’m thankful for the trials and tribulations. The test that we have to take to show God

we trust Him, that His timing is perfect, that His plan is the only plan and the best plan. 

I am becoming what God has destined for me to be. And I love it. 

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