I Always Choose The Wrong Guys

For those who are on the fence.. in love but fighting it.. wondering if you’re friend zoning the wrong person.. have someone with all of the ideal traits you desire but something is holding you back.. fighting with his/her past silently.. judging a book by its cover but then later wondering what it could or could’ve been.. Just to find yourself in the same situationships based on the familiar, convenience and comfort..but getting no where? That was me too.

But GOD! I literally had to sit down and say “who are you?!” (referring to myself).

Everything I felt was coming out and was finally being said. Every emotion I tried to hide or run from was right in my face, like a head on collision.

The crazy thing is, it was nothing new to me. These were all the feelings I was running from and afraid of. These were all the feelings I felt every time I seen him or was around him but I was trying to avoid it.

You will truly miss out on your blessing trying to do things your way and “choose them” by what you think you want. You know the “it’s like I choose all the wrong guys”? This is partly how.

I was open with him but still closed off. I thought everything out before I even gave it a chance to happen. You will never know what’s there until you go. I’m SO glad I went!

I almost missed out on what God had for me based on what I thought I wanted.

I was hesitant because of his past. I created my own story without learning his or allowing God to lead me.

I was in LOVE with this man! I prayed and prayed. Lord if we’re meant to be friends, just give me confirmation. I went a month without him and never wanted to go another day without him. 

Since we’ve been in a relationship, God has showed me this is exactly what I needed. Mentally and spiritually. He’s elevated me in so many areas of my life as I’ve done for him. I was judgmental to those with kids trying to avoid the “drama” but an HONEST, GOD FEARING MAN, that controls his past and protect you and y’all relationship, is EVERYTHING.

I thank God and him for his respect, honesty, loyalty, commitment and love for me.

We’ve watched each other’s prayers manifest. He’s watched me grow in Christ. I’ve watched him pray and was inspired plenty of times.

I am right where God wanted me to be. I know now that everything is always working out, even when it seems like it’s not.

Literally, you will never know until you try. Stop choosing the wrong guys.