Prayer, Preparation, Progress

Sometimes you’re called on assignments by God and you think you’re not qualified. But listen to this. This earth is His, you are His child. There is nothing you can’t do, there is nothing you’re not qualified for, there is nothing you can’t have! Faith takes us where eyes have not seen and ears have not heard. Where is your faith? 

I read this quote from Oprah that says, “You get out of life what you have the courage to ask for.” You have not because you ask not. Ask and you shall receive! There is nothing God can’t do but be ready! God is a faithful God. The last thing you want to do is miss a blessing you asked for because you weren’t ready. 

We set goals, we have dreams and desires but the only thing that can really stop us, is us. Everyday you wake up, you should at minimum, do one thing that’ll get you closer to your dreams. 

Change your crowd. You need to surround yourself with thinkers, with doers, with encouragers and people ahead of you so you can learn. Wisdom is everything! Vibes are everything! 

Get you some friends that will not tell you everything you want to hear. You don’t need “yes” people all the time. You need some diversity, differences, some people that will tell you like it is to give you thicker skin. Some good constructive criticism. Friends that will tell you that you’re slacking, you’re wrong, you’re cheating yourself. It may not feel good but those are the friends who care about you and want the absolute best for you! I promise you will thank them forever. 

Change what you’ve been doing if you aren’t seeing progress. “If you don’t like what you’ve been reaping, change what you’ve been sowing.” You can have the same dreams, regardless if they’re old, just find new ways to conquer them. It’ll stay a dream until you make it reality. Your dreams are waiting for you. 

I was on an unpaid vacation from a job that was taking away my happiness some days, well kinda most days. Why do we stay in situations we can change? You don’t have to be stuck in something you can change. Stop complaining and start making changes. Leave that job. Leave him. Leave her. Start saving. Say NO! Apply. Be persistent. Repair your credit. Use your resources. Invest. Read! It’s out there, whatever you desire. I promise it is. You just have to go get it. 

Back to what I was saying…

I decided to quit my job while on my unpaid vacation and I was ready to go get what I desired. Better schedule, better pay, but I was like where do I even start? Take the confusion, turn it into courage and get ready for what God is about to do. I was frustrated preparing a new resume but then I realized it’s just a new chapter approaching. God was shifting me and I was ready!

While on my unpaid vacation, I asked God to make it feel like I needed nothing, that I didn’t notice it was unpaid. In the midst of this I learned, be thankful for the trials and tribulations. Be thankful for the test because they always become a greater testimony. Be thankful that God puts us in situations to increase our faith, always glorifying Him in the end. God blessed me with a new career, at a higher pay. I didn’t need a resume! The job offer CAME TO ME. On my free time, I was around a radio host for wisdom, for experience and just learning from everything he does because he’s so powerful! I kept having dreams telling me to reach out to him because it had been a while, so I did. And look! Working full-time for the A C Green Radio Show! Bless those who have blessed me! God has more in store for you than you can even imagine!! God is so faithful! BE READY!