My feet were planted because I planted that seed. I deserved the goodness of what I was sowing. 

So I thought.. 

I watered it. I watched it grow. I watched it blossom.

But in doing so, I watched it blossom into something that was no longer for my good. 

Realizing that sometimes people and relationships have an expiration date, something I had to get understood. 

You take what you need to grow and you give what they need to grow. 

After so much growing, people just grow apart. 

Allowing someone to overstay their welcome is what makes it hard. 

It’s hard to separate.. the convenience, the history, the time you invested, we get it. 

But what was already bound to happen, you can’t change. Stop trying to go back everytime to fix it. 

People grow individually. Their interest change and their mindset changes. 

So when you grow so much individually, being together is sometimes no longer compatible. 

You have to realize what’s best for you, what’s best for your growth and pace.. even if it hurts. 

I guarantee you there’s some underlying, beneficial reasons of why it didn’t work. 

There’s a different kind of elevation for you, that makes it a blessing with the separation.