I Wish Somebody Would’ve Told Me

I wish somebody would’ve told me.. 

Go to that out of state college.

That starting at a junior college isn’t a bad idea. 

That even after college, you still don’t know what’s next. 

That chances are, you won’t work in the field you studied. 

That being an adult doesn’t come with a how to book. 

That some things you don’t heal from, it just gets easier to deal with. 

That you have to make mistakes to better you. 

That you’ll get lost and really find you. 

That your high school sweetheart probably won’t always be your sweetheart. 

That true love will find you when you least expect it. 

That you’re sent what you need in a partner and not necessarily what you want. 

That you have to get uncomfortable and take chances. 

That you’ll be broken to be fixed into a stronger you. 

That you have to fail and sometimes more than once, in order to succeed. 

That there will be detours in life so stay focused. 

That you don’t have to put off dreams, chase them now like tomorrow isn’t promised.. because it isn’t. 

That friends will come and go and that small circle you have is what matters. Quality over quantity. 

You always get it when you actually feel it. 

That’s what life is about.. you learn from your mistakes.. you learn at your own pace. 

So if somebody would’ve told me.. would I have listened?