If you’ve created a timeline for your life.. erase it. Delete it. It’s inaccurate. If you’ve created this ideal relationship or partner, let it go. Do yourself a favor and stop planning.. let it come to you. Those goals though, go get em! Here’s what I mean…

2017 showed me that no matter how much you plan, it’s already done. God is in control and your story is already written. Every experience, every setback, every lesson learned is needed for the path you’re on which is leading you to the next chapter. 

There is no way you could’ve told me in 2016 or the years before that, my 2017 would look like this. I was in tears sometimes, confused. I didn’t understand how to let go until I finally did and was able to watch better things come together. 

Chile let me tell you about this unplanned 2017 I had! 

I left a job to start a new one. Stayed at the new job for 4 months and then left that one. Get this, I was praying for a certain job with certain pay but hear me good when they say God has more in store for you than you can even imagine.. it’s true!! I got what I asked for and MORE. (I learned to be specific in prayer.) They literally called and said we have a job, it’s a once and a lifetime kind of job, you have to take it. They were right and I took it. I started that job January 13th. Super super grateful for the location, financial stability, the living arrangement and the numerous paid vacations. Thank you Lord! 

Because of that new job, it caused a little conflict with my better half. We worked it out though and we’re back to frick and frack. Laughing for no reason, talking everyday and chile doing things we still have no business doing but creating the best memories while doing it! I’m SO glad I got my better half back. 

Speed things up to July. My “Bestfriend” and I were at a point where we were so emotionally drained from each other because of the love attachment along with so much confusion. Some days I was there and transparent with my feelings for him and some days I wasn’t. He was pretty much over it. That’s when we decided to do a 30 day fast of no talking or seeing each other. The fast was supposed to help us clear our minds, get a better understanding and find answers to the confusion. I would say about week 3, I was like yeahhh.. that’s my soulmate. I can’t live without him. 

It was so hard not talking to him everyday.. not seeing him and just being able to laugh with him. We pretty much did everything together as far as hanging out. I needed that! During the fast, I needed his prayers and encouragement because I got into some trouble if you will, and God REALLY looked out. (God is so dope!) When that incident happened.. I really took 10 steps back to just think.. God is so faithful to us even when we sin, even when we’re not good to Him, He’s good to us. I had been praying for a new church home as well as fasting and being obedient. Back to my Bestfriend.. we met up after the fast and he told me “God wants to do something with your life but you have to be willing to give some things up.” I needed that. Lord knows I did. So, I decided to fast for the first time. 

I just felt like God was giving so much to me and here I was, receiving but giving nothing in return. It was a take take take relationship and I wanted to sacrifice and be obedient. That was the start of September. Mid September, I went to a friend’s birthday dinner and connected with the girl next to me. Which then led me into weekly bible study with a group of ladies! God knows what you need, who you need and when you need it! He is always on time! 

Now at that point, during my fast, I knew for sure I wanted to be with this man who I was calling my Bestfriend, 1000%. I had decided August 28th that I wanted to tell him how I felt and see if he felt the same but September was showing by action. It took him a while to come around but I had to be veryyy persistent to win him over. I did both! My Bestfriend is now my boyfriend. (So I’m quick to tell my single friends, “is there anyone you might be overlooking?? Someone you are super compatible with but never thought about it??” Because I almost missed my answered prayer!) 

In November, I really got my credit and bills together. I also started the first steps to my future business… but that’s neither here nor there…. #MooreToTheStory. 

To sum it all up.. from September to now.. my life has been a dream come true. Literally nothing I could have planned or imagined. Just simply trusting God and yielding to signs of confirmation after prayer and asking for discernment. 

I decided to commit to a man who has always led me to Christ, who is daily elevating me in Christ. Fasting together, reading together. A witness as I was rebaptized at his church home, prays with me, takes care of me mentally and physically. A man who brings SO MUCH peace, joy and laughter into my life. I feel so lucky and beyond blessed to experience something so beautiful with a man who is so amazing and loves every part of me, as I love every part of him. 

I’m excited to see what 2018 brings. I wish I could tell you every single detail of 2017 besides life changing.. but there’s always Moore to the Story. 

May this year be full of faith, blessings, happiness, love, answered prayers and God seeking! 

Happy New Year!!