Submitting To God

I decided to put the pen down. I decided to follow the story that was written and stop trying to write my own.

I was told I was stuck in my own ways and my own desires that God couldn’t use me. I was told He wanted to do something with my life but I have to give some things up.

That right there was confirmation.

I had been praying more. I had been seeking more.. just weeks before this conversation.

I was at a point where God had truly looked out for me in a situation and I couldn’t stop thanking Him.

Then I started to feel like God keeps giving to me, I keep receiving with open arms but not giving anything in return.

So after that confirmation conversation, I decided to fast. It was my first fast.

I go to church, I read, I pray but I had never fasted. I’m not ashamed to say it..

I wanted to show God obedience. I wanted to show him sacrifice as He sacrificed for us.

I gave up eight things of my everyday life for 31 days.

It was like a complete renovation to my body, my mind and my heart.

I was attending churches but being completely spiritually fed, I was struggling. Until..

I read an amazing book of spiritual warfare. I purchased a new bible, I started a 40 day walk with Jesus, I randomly met a girl who I am now friends with and we attend bible study together. Life was lit!

I would have moments where I would just get emotional thinking of the goodness of God and fall into prayer.

My heart was filled with so much joy even on the bad days. It was such a good feeling.

I had to get out of the push and pull relationship I had with God. I had to get out of the take mindset and start giving to Him.

It’s amazing how God works and He has more in store for you than you can even imagine.

If you seek Him, you will find Him.