Lack of Discernment

Here she was judging him from the clothes he wore, the jewelry he wore and his shoulder length dreads.

A slight loss of interest because he had a kid and she had just ended a messy situation like that..

There she was.. Judging her present based off her past.

She was satisfied with a simple hi and bye with him. Then she learned his name.. And eventually she learned he wasn’t the same.

The conversations were indescribable! 

They were so much alike but yet so different.

Yeah they were interested but they also knew they both needed a lot of fixing.

He thought she was stuck up and she assumed he just wasn’t enough.

Talk about lack of discernment..

They understood they both weren’t in a position for commitment but feelings and emotions were still mixing..

He was almost identical to what she prayed for..

He was patient. He was respectful.

He was kind. He was gentle.

He was different. He was honest. 

He led and he even waited.

He was a believer. He was real.

He was for her.

Talk about lack of discernment…