Just Because I’m Single, It Doesn’t Mean I’m Crazy

People actually ask me if I’m crazy because I’m single. No I’m not “crazy”. Although we all have a little crazy in us.

Truth is, I just know what I want. And even though I know what I want, sometimes I don’t want it right now. 

I’m not always looking for a relationship and I’ve never been the one that felt like I need to be in one. 

I need to get this money, I need to be financially stable, I need to continue to perfect my talent, I need to continue to set goals and accomplish them, I need to continue to raise the bar high for myself. I need to be completely happy with me before I entertain someone else. 

I’m not done yet.. 

Here’s to the bigger picture.. 

Maybe I’ve been in too many long term relationships that failed to be so young? 

I actually feel like I’m living right now! There’s a difference between living and existing. 

Maybe I’m really enjoying my freedom and young adult years? 

Maybe I’m just open to dating? Learning different people and learning what different people bring out of me. 

Maybe I’m not looking for commitment but looking for fun? 

Maybe I’m considering moving out of state sooner than later and rather not create any attachments? 

Maybe I felt like I found the one and I was actually the one who wasn’t ready? 

Maybe I’m more concerned with my credit and bank accounts than a relationship? 

Good intentions and of course bad intentions can hinder someone from reaching their full potential. 

Maybe I’m the type that gets distracted easily so I rather be alone..not lonely. 

Because there’s a difference.

It took me so long to find peace and happiness that I’m just really enjoying it right now. 

You think I’m single but I’m in a relationship with life.