#30Days30Stories Day 20

And when you’re done shopping, it’ll still be there.

When you’re on that date, it’ll still be there.

When you get home and let your thoughts run, it’ll still be there.

When you’re laying there with someone else, it’ll still be there.

That thought of wanting closure, wanting to know what they’re doing, wanting to know where it went wrong.

You know the break up was inevitable. You know you’re not happy.

You know the bad outweighs the good.

Let it go.

Sometimes the only way you can heal is to actually deal.

Stop running from it, accept it and deal with it.

Stop depending on people to get you through it..”moving on” but carrying hurt to the next person. It’s not fair to them.

Stop using people as a rebound and rebound on yourself.

This is the time to find you again. To start from scratch and build self love.

To learn from your mistakes.

To acknowledge your flaws and know exactly who you are inside and out.

This is the time to take care of you first.