#30Days30Stories Day 18

I’m so glad that God paused my life and took me through things. Held me there until He knew I was ready to grow. Until He knew I had learned my lesson and was ready to move forward.. ready to blossom into the woman He’s preparing me to be.

I took time to myself to really understand who I was. Two years and some change to be exact and still counting..

In the mean time and in between time, I fell in love with me. I fell in love with life.

I needed time to understand what I had been through and what I no longer wanted to go through. I needed a shift in my behavior, my daily life, what I was used to and who/what I gave my energy to.

Sometimes you have to look for the good in the “bad”. There’s a reason, there’s a moment to learn and a moment to grow.

Had I not been through what I did go through, I wouldn’t be half the woman I am today. I appreciate the struggle, the things I’ve learned and the things I’ve lost because I know greater is coming.