#30Days30Stories Day 13

So you promise me everything that you won’t do.. then ironically, you make a “mistake” and do everything you said you wouldn’t. That’s usually how it goes right?

Now I’m left to pick up the pieces, finding comfort in the next person but can’t let my guards down because I’m scarred.

This person could be the blessing I’ve been wanting but you’ve made me skeptical of every nice gesture, every compliment and every kind action I witness moving forward.

I’m being hard on them and not giving them a chance because of what you failed to do as a man.

Stop making promises you can’t keep. Sweeping me off my feet to take me no where.

The less you say, the more you can do and I won’t have room to judge or critique you.

The more you say, the more I expect. Let your actions speak for you and that’ll be that.

Stop talking.