#30Days30Stories Day 12

It had to be about 4am when the pain woke me out of my sleep.

I got up, took an ibuprofen and figured I would sleep it off. About 10 minutes passed and the pain was worse.

Excruciating pain. Unbearable pain.

I prayed.

I knew I needed to go to the ER but I was driving this time around. Last time I called the ambulance and the bill was nine thousand dollars. Didn’t have it then and definitely don’t have it to pay now.

A car ride that should’ve been 10 minutes was almost tripled.

Every bump in the road made a tear fall from my eyes. I was driving slower and slower.

I prayed.

Struggling to make it down the dark street, holding my stomach on both sides, I finally made it to Advocate Illinois Masonic emergency check in.

I told them I was having really bad abdominal pains and I think it’s a cyst because I’ve had about three before.

I was immediately put in a room because I couldn’t walk anymore. It was like I was slowly losing conscious.

The doctor pressed on my stomach with two fingers and I cried like NEVER before.

Please stop, I cried out. In that moment, she took out the ultra sound machine.

I watched doctors argue in front of me over my health and a machine that wouldn’t load..with no answers. Can you imagine how I felt?!

I made one phone call and sent two text messages.

Then I was laid over a white table in a cold room full of lights for an emergency surgery.

It could’ve been my last prayer.. so I prayed.