When people post a status on Facebook asking for advice on situations, more than likely I instantly message them. When I notice something is wrong with somebody, I ask what’s wrong and if they want to talk. When I see my friends, first thing I say is “Girl you got some tea??” as in gossip. I call my mom sometimes on Fridays like “It’s the end of the week! I know you got some tea??” It’s not that I’m being nosey, well kind of, but I’m reaching to touch someone in a way to give them advice, to motivate them, to inspire them. I have a certain image on Facebook, persona if you will, that focuses on uplifting people, motivating others and sharing spiritual advice. 

I love talking about love, relationships, break ups, moving on, healing and prayer. I am passionate about what others think, how they feel and sharing what I know from experience. I literally reach out to someone and label them, “the victim of the day.” Hoping to make them smile, hoping to bring clarity to their life or even just a new way of thinking. I call it “saving one soul at a time”.